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Wendy Knowler is an accomplished public speaker. She’s given dozens of public speaking presentations and talks to corporates, NGOs and consumer groups on the Consumer Protection Act and customer service issues.

She’s very comfortable in the public speaking space. Her content is never dry or ‘academic’, being peppered with a string of case studies she’s dealt with during her 20+ years ”in the trenches” as a consumer journalist. Wendy has a treasure trove of case studies pertinent to each industry or consumer issue.

What Wendy has to share is very real and relatable.

Wendy Knowler

Public speaking | Talk topics:

Duration: 1 hour (+-40 minute talk plus question time).
Power to the People:

Wendy Knowler looks at how technology has shifted the power balance between companies and consumers in the past two decades. The days of corporates being able to control customer complaints within the privacy of call centres and email acccount are long over. Yet many corporates still try to maintain control on social media with stock responses and very obvious attempts at taking complaints off line.

Unpacking epic corporate fails:

When companies and their products hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons (think Ford Kuga and Enterprise polony) they tread a very fine line between reputation damage limitation and heeding the advice of their “don’t admit liability” attorneys. In detailing many of the high profile corporate crises she has reported on over the years, Wendy Knowler gives valuable, practical advice on what to do – and what not to do – when your worst PR nightmare happens.

10 Ways to get the customer service offering into 2020 – and get edge on your competition:

Quick and not-so-quick ways to surprise your customers in a good way and boost your company’s customer service offering.

Please Be Advised That….

How you’re alienating your customers and how to change that. You’ve invested in the latest, greatest customer engagement systems, but is your corporate language stuck in 1985?

Wendy is also able to do tailor-made public speaking talks on request.

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